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Truck Engine Repair, Rebuild & Conversion Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

SOS Truck and Trailer Repair is your number one source for mechanical repairs and outstanding customer service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have been in the trucking industry for more than three decades, so we have the expertise and the connections to get the job done fast. The best technicians and parts dealers work with us to bring you a great experience every time. We can handle any job, from brake service and inspection to engine rebuilds.

Your truck’s engine is its heartbeat. Your truck couldn’t get anywhere without it. If your rig is getting on in years, an engine rebuild might be in your near future. Is your truck approaching 750,000 miles? Is it getting closer to 1,000,000? No matter how long your engine has been in use, the skilled technicians at SOS Truck & Trailer Repair will completely rebuild it to give your truck a new lease on life.

Engine Problems

Engines are built to last a long time, but they don’t last forever. If you’ve kept yours well-maintained, you could get more than a million miles out of it before you need an overhaul. If you notice a decrease in fuel efficiency, or if your engine is making pinging sounds, knocking noises, or only getting intermittent power, bring it in right away so our team can get started.

If your engine is failing but still intact, an engine rebuild could save you money over buying a new engine. During a rebuild, our skilled technicians disassemble your engine, clean or replace several engine components, and put it back together to have it running like new again.

Signs of Trouble

There are some clear signs of a failing engine that you should be aware of. Pay attention when you smell burning oil or fuel in your oil. The oil in your engine could be overheating. If your injection system is failing, fuel could be diluting the oil’s viscosity.

Engine noises and exhaust smoke are other common signs that something’s amiss. If you hear knocking or pinging, or if the engine is simply running much more roughly than usual, get it into the shop right away!

Our Engine Rebuilding Services

We offer a full array of engine rebuilding and related services, including:

  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • In-Frame Overhaul
  • Out-of-Frame Overhaul
  • Engine Restoration
  • Engine Cylinder Honing
  • Piston Ring Replacement
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Oil Seal Replacement
  • Oil Filter Testing

We work with every make and model of engine. Bring your truck in at the first sign of trouble and we will give it a thorough inspection and present you with a written estimate for repairs.

Call SOS for Engine Rebuilds in Dallas-Fort Worth

If your truck needs body work, electrical repair, a complete engine overhaul, or even a DOT inspection, call our shop or come on by. We put our best effort into everything we do, which is why our many satisfied customers will tell you there’s no better choice in Dallas-Fort Worth to get your truck back on the road. SOS is ready to roll out and come to the rescue!

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