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What is a Coolant System?

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A coolant system, also known as a radiator system, is responsible for regulating the temperature of a vehicle's engine. It does this by circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze, known as coolant, through the engine and radiating the excess heat through the radiator.

What Are Some Common Signs of Engine Trouble I Should Look Out For?

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There are some clear signs of a failing engine that you should be aware of. Pay attention when you smell burning oil or fuel in your oil. The oil in your engine could be overheating. If your injection system is failing, fuel could be diluting the oil’s viscosity.

Engine noises and exhaust smoke are other common signs that something’s amiss. If you hear knocking or pinging, or if the engine is simply running much more roughly than usual, get it into the shop right away!

What is the EGR system?

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The EGR system is an emissions control system that reduces the number of harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere. It works by recirculating a portion of the exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with the incoming air and fuel. This helps to lower the temperature of the combustion process and reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are major contributors to air pollution.

The EGR system consists of an EGR valve, a pipe that carries the exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold, and a control module that regulates the flow of gas. The valve is usually located on the intake manifold and is controlled by the engine's computer system. When the valve opens, it allows a small amount of exhaust gas to flow back into the combustion chamber.

Why Are Regular Lube & Oil Changes So Important?

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Oil changes and filter replacements are some of the most important preventive maintenance services we provide. Not only do they extend your truck’s life, but they also help it perform at peak efficiency. When the inner components of your rig are well-lubricated with oil, there is less friction between them, meaning less wear and tear. The oil cools your system and carries harmful particles into the oil filter.

During an oil change, we replace your engine’s old oil with new oil and put in a new oil filter. We also lubricate the chassis components of the vehicle. When the service is done, every part of your engine will be oiled up and ready to go until your next oil change is due.

What Are Some Signs My Truck or Trailer’s Axles Need Repair?

Spotting a broken axle on your truck or trailer is easy. The signs of this kind of problem are hard to miss. At the same time, it can be harder to spot the warning signs of wear and tear that indicate that something is about to happen.

Some of the common warning signs that indicate your axle needs to get looked at include:

  • Vibrations and rumbling sounds coming from below
  • A noticeable wobbling or unevenness in the wheels
  • Wheels not moving into gear when shifting or accelerating
  • Loud noises when turning
  • Signs of a leak or greasy drop coming from near the tires

If you’re dealing with any of these problems, then it is important to get them taken care of as quickly as possible. Problems with your axle can quickly escalate and could lead to even more serious situations such as damage to your steering suspension and other related areas. If this happens, not only will your rig and trailer need to get repaired, but your cargo will be at risk, and it might even put you and others on the road in danger in the worst-case scenario.

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